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Mechanical Services in Dubbo




At T & A Mechanical, we are proud to offer a complete one-stop service for all your vehicle repair and maintenance needs. Our Dubbo mechanics are experienced in the repair and service of all makes and models of vehicles. We also offer a complimentary vacuum and air freshener!

We provide the service & repairs you need, including:
  • Logbook servicing
  • Clutch repairs
  • Brake replacement
  • Steering & suspension repair
  • Wheel alignments and tyres
  • Engine repairs
  • Cooling systems
  • Fleet servicing
  • 4WD dyno for diagnostics and power runs
A Regular vehicle maintenance and service done by T & A Mechanical, results in:
  • Safer driving
  • Less down time
  • No costly surprises and repairs at registration time
  • Peace-of-mind and confidence in your vehicle
  • Premium operation and performance of your vehicle or machine
  • Longer life for your vehicle



We service a large range of light vehicles in todays market, both petrol & diesel, two-wheel drive and four wheel drive, light truck, passenger and commercial. We understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle as per the manufactures recommended schedule. As the industry is forever changing, we continually refer to and follow manufactures schedules and recommendations whilst only using recommended service filters and premium quality oil in order to uphold the reliability, performance and warranty of your vehicle.

Our technicians are constantly being trained in any new servicing procedures and correct lubricant usage whilst following specific servicing check lists on every service. Every service is given a full repair list of repairs required from urgent; to monitor at next service with photos taken and saved on file with your vehicles full service history.

A friendly reminder will be sent to you after 6 months so you do not run over your next due service interval which if missed could result in irreversible wear to your vehicles engine and driveline and even voiding warranty’s, not to mention the safety ramifications of failing brakes and suspension.



  • Unlock your vehicles full potential by having a live dyno tune. The benefits will truly transform your vehicle with increased torque range, reduced lag time and even improved fuel efficiency (see more in our tuning section)

  • We have the latest Dyno Tech all-wheel drive dyno available giving us the ability to do pre and post runs on all drive configurations giving accurate before and after results.



T & A Mechanical offers Dubbo a full tyre service with a range of new equipment, including:
  • Wheel Aligner
  • Wheel Balancer
  • Tyre Changer

Wheel Alignments


In conjunction with our vehicle servicing and steering/suspension repairs we are able to offer a wheel alignment service in-house with a top of the line Hunter Elite machine

Other wheel alignment machines don’t come close to matching the productivity and profit enhancing power of the HawkEye Elite ® wheel alignment machine.

HawkEye Elite ® is the most powerful wheel alignment equipment on the market today, using four precision cameras to measure the position and orientation of targets mounted to each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip ® adaptors.

QuickGrip® adaptors feature spring-loaded arms that grip the tire, eliminating metal-to-metal contact and subsequent rim damage.

With many features, from basic express alignment check to full wheel tract and body alignments dimensions check available the Hunter HawkEye Elite is far more than your average wheel aligner ensuring that your vehicle is tracking true and tyre wear is reduced to a minimum.

Tyres & Balancing


With the Summit 1700Ti tyre changer and Summit 1350 tyre balancer we can provide tyre replacement, tyre rotation & balancing. Eliminating any inconvenience and time wasting driving your vehicle all over town to have this service done.



We offer a full inspection, diagnosis and repair service of your vehicles suspension system. All replacement parts are quality well recognised brands that carry manufactures warrantys, cheap and nasty is just not an option when safety is involved.

From OEM parts, full sports fit outs, to a full 4X4 lift upgrade for the serious off roader are available and can be supplied and fitted as requested.

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If it does not feel right it’s probably not, don’t risk your and anyone else’s safety and bring it in - we can identify any unsafe worn or damaged steering components and have it replaced with the right part the right way, wheel aligned and back on the road without a hassle.



We don’t mess about! get it right the first time and don’t wait till you dont have them! We check brakes at every service and replace all types of brakes in conjunction with our vehicle servicing procedure. Using well know and proven products to suit the application is an absolute must. All brake rotors are resurfaced or replaced, with premium pads fitted and callipers checked to ensure correct operation is always achieved.



Hearing things that you haven’t heard before? Let us check it out, we can locate and repair driveline noise and vibration, service and overhaul differentials, gearboxes, swivel hubs and wheel bearings.

Is your clutch just not the same as it once was? We can carry out a full test and diagnostic procedure to determine the condition of you clutch and if required remove and install an OEM replacement or upgrade to a heavy-duty kit for that extra heavy load.

Cooling Systems


We can test, diagnose repair and service your engine cooling system. With our workshop equipment we pressure test the system to manufactures specifications and confirm the system has no external leaks, run a TK test for combustion gasses coming through cooling system (internal leaks), vacuum the system down and refill - eliminating air locks in system and running a full system flush to keep your system operation to its full potential

Common rail Diesel Diagnostic and repairs


  • With our range of workshop test equipment and trained technicians we can carry out diagnostic to identify those annoying problems that are causing inefficiencies in your engine’s operation.

  • We can overhaul the complete fuel system and fit OEM replacement parts or if requested fit upgraded components for that extra performance.



  • We supply and fit a full range of preventative maintenance accessories

  • Eg. Second fuel filter kits, oil catch can kit, K&N air filters

Engine bolt on Upgrades


In conjunction with our tuning division we offer to supply and install upgrade products such as high flow exhaust systems, turbos, intercoolers, and injectors; to take your vehicle to the next level.